Breuckelen Berber opened in 2011, inspired by the founders' personal search for their own carpet. After considering many domestic options, husband and wife design team Nathan Ursch and Brin Reinhardt discovered the unique combination of tribal history and modernity found in Berber textile arts. The vintage Moroccan carpet they purchased instantly became the hearth of their home, lending warmth, texture, and soul to their urban space. One carpet led to an introduction of many more, and Breuckelen Berber was born. Read More

The Berber tribes of Northern Africa have lived between western Egypt and the Atlantic Ocean, Maghreb, since pre-recorded history began in the region 30,000 years ago. The story of the Berber carpet weaving tradition is a unique one. While most oriental carpets share a common DNA in relation to the Turkish knot technique, the Berber carpet has its own woven origin. Read More