Vintage Moroccan Zemmour Carpet ZM04

Waves of vibrant pinks drift over a network of intricate lozenges, forming a field all about texture and color. Hot pinks, faded salmon, charcoal, and ivory transport an otherwise subtle composition to another level. Symmetrical borders frame this vintage Moroccan Zemmour. 100% wool knotted with a low dense pile.

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This tribe in the southern Middle Atlas region has a varied history being on the main trade route from Timbuktu to Marrakech. The usual color palette of the Zemmour tribe has a deep red background using the madder root for the dye commonly traded in the local souk markets. From time to time the designs of the tribe would take on a neighboring influence.

region.Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.10'8" x 5'11" / 3.25m x 1.8m
pile height.Low
fringe length.6"
rug no.ZM04
rug no.Inquire below...