Vintage Moroccan Rehamna Carpet RH06

Vintage Rehamna carpet with a monochromatic abrashed field in red and light and dark salmon. Black and camel brown abstracted agricultural elements appear distorted, as if in a mirage. Knotted sawtooth forms provide partial borders along both selvedges. 100% wool.

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This Arab Maqil tribe with Arabised Berbers lives on the Haouz plains north of Marrakech. Rehamna carpets are typically either a monochromatic ground field of red/orange (sometimes with small motifs), while others can take on a more abstract style, borrowing from the urban carpets of Rabat. The latter approach often exhibit motifs including undulating lines, lozenges, geometric triangles or squares, chessboard, and agricultural elements including animals and plant forms.

region.Plains, Morocco
circa.1990's - 2000's
dimensions.6'6" x 5'3" / 198cm x 160cm
pile height.Low
fringe length.None
rug no.RH06
rug no.