Vintage Moroccan Ouled Bou Sbaâ Carpet OBS01

An intriguing carpet from the plains region southwest of Marrakech full of character and a well loved patina. Two opposing double axe motifs near the center of the composition reflect a harmony between male and female symbology. They are flanked by large scale vertical lozenge bands filled with tree of life motifs. Acting as protection symbols, a cluster of bird’s eye symbols float near the bottom of the composition. Borders with 8-pointed stars run along both selvedges. Woven in an abrash of faded magenta, apricot, charcoal, and ivory, 100% wool.

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Ouled Bou Sbaâ

A regional tribe southwest of Marrakech in the Haouz region (plains surrounding Marrakech), these carpets often have ornate symbology with geometric and agricultural references. Employing the symmetrical knot technique, the construction of these carpets tends to have a lower pile execution, dictated by the use in a warmer region of Morocco.

tribe.Ouled Bou Sbaâ
region.Plains, Morocco
dimensions.12'10" x 6'5" / 3.91m x 1.96m
pile height.Low
fringe length.2"
condition.Very Good
rug no.OBS01
rug no.Inquire below