Vintage Moroccan Oujda Carpet OU01

One of the most unusual vintage Moroccan carpets we have found, this Oujda has a unique motif and construction. This tribe resides in the northeastern corner of Morocco, taking on the influences of Berber tribes in Algeria. This piece has a minimal and slightly rustic feel, with a pattern of two vertical forms joining, symbolizing coupling. The ground is a flat weave construction (hanbel style) with motifs extending to a higher pile. Woven in natural undyed goat hair and sheep's wool in shades of brown and oatmeal.

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This remote Berber village resides in the northeastern corner of Morocco near the Algerian border. The city was founded by the king of the Maghraoua, a tribe of Zanata Berbers, which was one of the first Berber tribes to submit to Islam in the 7th century. Carpets produced by Berbers of this region are among the most minimal and primitive in terms of their motifs, and were often produced with a mixture of goat hair and sheep's wool.

region.Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.9'6" x 6'1" / 2.9m x 1.85m
pile height.Varies (flat weave with low to medium)
fringe length.4"
condition.Very Good
rug no.OU01
rug no.