Vintage Moroccan Marmoucha Carpet MA06

Featuring an overall rather precise lattice network, this vintage Marmoucha exudes an intricate yet restrained spirit. The lozenges are composed from checkerboard motifs with thoughtfully placed poppy and salmon squares varying in density across the composition. A misaligned intersection in the network lends an element of intrigue and surprise. Finely constructed of all wool with a luminous patina.

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The Marmoucha tribe lives in the southern region of the Middle Atlas. They belong to the Berber Zenata, who have lived in the eastern Middle Atlas since the 10th century. Heavily influenced by their Beni Ouarain neighbors, they originally produced only white bedding carpets with a diamond lattice of narrow black lines enclosing white squares (chessboard design). They typically use the Berber knot and only rarely the symmetric knot. Marmoucha women and men weave colorful carpets for floor coverings, which have a compact hand and are quite heavy. Their flatweaves usually have a ground color of bright red/purple and orange.

region.Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.12'10" x 6'5" / 3.91m x 1.96m
pile height.Medium
fringe length.6"
rug no.MA06
rug no.Inquire below