Vintage Moroccan Imouzzer-Kandar Carpet IK03

This Imouzzer-Kandar exhibits a large central filled lozenge containing abstract checker and camel forms within borders of zig zag motifs. Knotted in a palette of black, coral red, pink, orange, ivory and pale green. The pattern appears to radiate from the central lozenge, creating a lively reverberating effect. 100% wool.

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Imouzzer-Kandar is no stranger to Berber has been a production center for hundreds of years. Many of the rugs from this village are of a traditional origin, while others have more exotic symbolism and rare color choices. The actual carpets bearing the name Imouzzer Kandar have not been produced since the Mid-20th century due to the migration of the weavers into other nearby tribes. This adds to the rarity of these carpets.

region.Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.10'4" x 6'7" / 3.14m x 2m
pile height.Medium
fringe length.3"
rug no.IK03
rug no.Inquire