Vintage Moroccan Imouzzer-Kandar Carpet IK01

1940's rare antique Moroccan Imouzzer-Kandar carpet with both a "summer" and "winter" side (piece is reversible). The colors are very uncommon and hints this might have been a commissioned rug. Made of very fine wool with a palette of black, red, ivory, and pale yellow. Carpets from this tribe have not been produced since the middle of the last century, as members have been absorbed into neighboring tribes. 100% wool.

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Imouzzer-Kandar is no stranger to Berber has been a production center for hundreds of years. Many of the rugs from this village are of a traditional origin, while others have more exotic symbolism and rare color choices. The actual carpets bearing the name Imouzzer Kandar have not been produced since the Mid-20th century due to the migration of the weavers into other nearby tribes. This adds to the rarity of these carpets.

region.Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.11" x 7'2" / 3.35m x 2.18m
pile height.High
fringe length.6"
rug no.IK01
rug no.