Vintage Moroccan Hassira Carpet HS05

This Hassira exhibits a lively palette of colors and motifs, lending a whimsical approach to a utilitarian mat. The alternating bands of zig zags, lozenge networks, and V formations read like pages of a story with symbols to be interpreted by the viewer. Woven with halfa, a local grass, with fine multicolored wool for the motifs on a cotton warp. Recommended for indoor dry use only.

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Hassira mats are produced in Middle Atlas region of Morocco. The tribes of the Beni M'Guild, Zaiane and Zemmour produce these handwoven mats made from halfa, a local grass, and wool for the motifs. These weavings are used as floor coverings in warmer seasons, but are commonly found under carpets as well.

region.Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.11'7" x 5'1" / 3.53m x 1.54m
pile height.None
fringe length.5"
rug no.HS05
rug no.Inquire