Vintage Moroccan Chichaoua Carpet CH04

Void of any motifs, this vintage Moroccan carpet from the plains region near Chichaoua focuses on color and simplicity. Bands of abrashed magenta, violet, poppy red and salmon subtly shift across the field. Hints of dark brown and black borders frame the piece. Age appropriate signs of wear lend patina and character, 100% wool.

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Named after the town 70 km southwest of Marrakech in the Haouz region (plains surrounding Marrakech), these carpets often have overlapping rows of course symmetrical knots with red/orange grounds. The fields are sometimes decorated with geometric motifs including triangles and squares, and figures in green, brown, or orange.

region.Plains, Morocco
dimensions.10'6" x 5'5" / 3.2m x 1.65m
pile height.Low
fringe length.3"
condition.Very Good
rug no.CH04
rug no.Inquire below