Vintage Moroccan Chiadma Carpet CA02

A superb abstract Chiadma carpet from the Haouz plains near Essaouira. The color palette includes a periwinkle blue, vibrant fuchsia and natural chocolate brown and light ivory wool ground. A field of random chessboard motifs is embellished with a large broken lozenge medallion form off-centered on the carpet, with a horizontal band of lozenges at one end. Excellent quality wool with a lustrous hand and silky sheen. 100% wool.

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This Arabized Berber tribe resides in the Haouz coastal region of Western Morocco from Essaouira to Safi. It is a sub-tribe of the Rehamna Berber tribe north of Marrakech. The carpets of this tribe typically have yellowish orange or red ground, which once would have been dyed with traded cochineal. Motifs and compositions are urban influenced, including a unique mixture of medallions and borders, and are sometimes blended with individual creative interpretations and local elements.

region.Plains, Morocco
dimensions.9'5" x 6'8" / 2.87m x 2.03m
pile height.Medium
fringe length.5"
rug no.CA02
rug no.