Vintage Moroccan Beni Sadden Carpet BS18

This vintage Moroccan Beni Sadden carpet features a balanced influence of male and female symbology. A consistent lozenge network overlays an organized composition of snake motifs, with fine low pile highlighting the graphic nature of the forms. The selvedges are framed with protective snake borders. Interestingly they are not symmetrical, alternating from a single to a double row on one side. All wool construction with motifs knotted in warm grey-brown and copper filled with faded purple and orange, floating on an ivory field. 100% wool with a time worn patina that will continue to age gracefully in the years ahead.

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Beni Sadden

The Beni Sadden resides to the west of the Beni Ouarain confederacy. The carpets of this tribe can be influenced by their Middle Atlas Berber Berber neighbors to the east and sometimes the Beni M'Guild in the south.

tribe.Beni Sadden
region.Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.9'1" x 5'10" / 2.77m x 1.78m
pile height.Low
fringe length.5"
condition.Very Good
rug no.BS18
rug no.Inquire below