Vintage Moroccan Beni M'Tir Carpet BT01

With a borderless composition filled with lozenges and cross motifs, this Beni M'Tir offers a colorful take on the classic lozenge pattern. Palette includes navy blue, orange, plum, celadon, and ivory, knotted in a densely woven pile. Very generous size. Note a few minor areas of restoration, which do not detract from the overall condition. 100% wool.

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Beni M'Tir

From the Arabic word meaning "belonging to the birds", likely referring to their retreat after raids on horseback. Due to their proximity to royal towns, they were often vulnerable to attack by the central government. At the turn of the century part of the tribe retreated to the Beni M'Guild and Ait Serrouchen territories. Beni M'Tir carpets often contain two colors, orange and yellow, combined on a purple/red ground, and may resemble the work of the Beni M'Guild tribe. Motifs include dominant cross shapes inside lozenges, sometimes blurred by the pile, and borders are often non-existent or insignificant. Weavers prefer the Berber knot, but sometimes utilize the symmetric knot towards the center, bordered by the Berber knot.

tribe.Beni M'Tir
region.Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.12'8" x 6'11" / 3.86m x 2.11m
pile height.Low
fringe length.3"
condition.Very Good
rug no.BT01
rug no.