Vintage Moroccan Beni M'Rirt Carpet BR11

This Beni M'Rirt displays a strong checkerboard pattern in a palette of faded red, magenta and smoke grey. Color saturation shifts across the composition due to dye lot variation and fading over time. The grid pattern symbolizes male protection, a dominant theme in many carpets from this tribe. 100% wool.

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Beni M'Rirt

A small carpet producing village in the Beni M'Guild territory. Being on a trade route, carpets from M'Rirt can take on a variety of influences.

tribe.Beni M'Rirt
region.Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.11'6" x 6'8" / 3.5m x 2.03m
pile height.High
fringe length.2"
rug no.BR11
rug no.