Vintage Moroccan Beni M'Guild Carpet BG92

This exceptional vintage Beni M'Guild features an offset traditional lozenge network that appears to continue beyond the limits of the carpet. Densely filled lozenges appear at each end, creating a harlequin effect. Wool dyed from natural sources in a vibrant palette of pomegranate, poppy red, plum, indigo, orange, sienna brown and an unusual light green. Time faded dyes lend a beautiful aged patina to the piece. 100% wool.

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Beni M'Guild

The territory of Azrou, Ain Lheu, and M'Rirt is the main production region for this tribe, neighboring the Zaïane. The Beni M'Guild tribe has a long tradition of carpet making...their work tends to be quite dense, as tribes in this region can withstand harsh climates. Common Berber symbolism can be found in many of their woven works, while other carpets are solid fields of natural color devoid of any patterns or motifs. Subtle nuances in hue create waves of color, sometimes revealing pattern from below.

tribe.Beni M'Guild
region.Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.9'8" x 6'3" / 2.94m x 1.9m
pile height.Low
fringe length.3"
condition.Very Good
rug no.BG92
rug no.