Vintage Moroccan Azilal Carpet AZ08

Intriguing composition includes areas of fluorescent fibers woven amidst more typical Azilal colors. The bright areas of this vintage Moroccan carpet indicate a connection of a Talsint presence, possibly through a marriage between the two tribes. Symbolism includes male snake motifs, female open lozenge, and tent of protection. Some non-woolen fibers are present, typical of many Azilals.

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This High Atlas village produces some very colorful carpets from a Berber tribe of the same name. The Azilal tribe shares many patterns and symbols that are similar to its Beni Ouarain cousin, but differ in knot technique. The main difference is in construction, Azilals utilizing a single knot technique, while the Beni Ouarain tribes use a double knot and weave entirely in wool. Azial carpets can be made of a wool pile with various other fibers woven into the backing. This is due in part to limited access of raw wool material and the lack of need for the rugs to provide insulation from the cold.

region.High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.4'7" x 3'11" / 1.39m x 1.19m
pile height.Medium
fringe length.5"
condition.Very Good
rug no.AZ08
rug no.