Vintage Moroccan Aït Youssi Carpet AY01

Living in the more isolated region of the eastern Middle Atlas range, this tribe's woven stories tend to be quite colorful in nature. This vintage Moroccan Ait Youssi carpet is no exception. The multicolored lozenge pattern of light turquoise/celadon, ivory, and orange feels as if it has been embossed into the slightly higher pile of time faded red, salmon and red/orange ground. The pattern links together like a chain, symbolizing protection, and takes on an organic spirit representing the life events of the weaver. Note an older restoration on one edge, which does not detract from the overall condition or character. 100% wool, with a very nice patina and hand.

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Aït Youssi

Living in the modern tribal territory in the border region between the plateau and Middle Atlas fold, this tribe's colorful carpets have been influenced by the Beni M'Guild. One differentiating feature often found is the continuation of knotting onto the back of the carpet at the selvage. Carpets from the southern region display colors found in Marmoucha works, while those of the middle region combine all the colors and designs from the Middle Atlas. Aït Youssi motifs include the diamond lattice in addition to squares, rectangles, and triangles. Diamond motifs are woven using black parallel lines with triangles or a stepped pattern in between, or minimal lines containing orange or yellow motifs.

tribe.Aït Youssi
region.Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.8'6" x 6'3" / 2.59m x 1.91m
pile height.Medium
fringe length.3"
condition.Very Good
rug no.AY01
rug no.