Vintage Moroccan Aït Seghrouchen Carpet AS02

This stunning Aït Seghrouchen example features an abstract drawing of classic Berber lozenges. The ivory wool ground is contrasted by a lattice of motifs that appears to fade in and out of clarity, knotted in purple, bright red, and charcoal. Some of the network is partially filled with cross symbols constructed in moss green, bright orange, turquoise and sky blue. Woven in a combination of wool and cotton fibers, with some pile loss present.

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Aït Seghrouchen

This Zenata Berber tribe lives in the valley of Immouzer high above the city of Fez. Having such close proximity to a large city and its local souk, the carpets of this tribe can take on a variety of influences. The weft threads are almost always a dark black to brown wool and the weavers knot the colorful carpets, tazerbit, from the back.

tribe.Aït Seghrouchen
region.High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.12'6" x 5'6" / 3.81m x 1.68m
pile height.Low
fringe length.10"
condition.Very Good
rug no.AS02
rug no.Inquire below