Vintage Moroccan Aït Seghrouchen Carpet AS01

A great antique example of a Moroccan Aït Seghrouchen carpet with wool dyed from natural sources including pomegranate, indigo and carob root. The hues have faded over the past 70-80 years, providing a wonderful aged patina and depth. A simplified Berber message is spoken, but an oriental influence from the east is also evident. There are a few areas of restoration and some fringe loss, consistent for a carpet of this age. 100% wool.

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Aït Seghrouchen

This Zenata Berber tribe lives in the valley of Immouzer high above the city of Fez. Having such close proximity to a large city and its local souk, the carpets of this tribe can take on a variety of influences. The weft threads are almost always a dark black to brown wool and the weavers knot the colorful carpets, tazerbit, from the back.

tribe.Aït Seghrouchen
region.Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.10'7" x 5'8" / 3.23m x 1.73m
pile height.Low
fringe length.7"
condition.Very Good
rug no.AS01
rug no.