Vintage Moroccan Aït Ouaouzguite Carpet AO08

This Aït Ouaouzguite flat weave is a colorful minimalist example. A central vertical undulating band shifts back and forth, creating a sense of movement to the piece. A soft palette of warm yellow, bright orange, celadon green, sky blue, faded lavender, light pink and other colors lends a cheerful presence. Constructed entirely of mixed recycled fibers, mostly cotton.

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Aït Ouaouzguite

A southern High Atlas tribe residing south of the city Ouarzazate. Carpets of this Zenaga tribe can vary from flat weave hanbel carpets to high pile bed weavings.

tribe.Aït Ouaouzguite
region.High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.9'1" x 4'5" / 2.77m x 1.34m
pile height.None
fringe length.3"
condition.Very good
rug no.AO08
rug no.