Vintage Moroccan Aït Ouaouzguite Carpet AO02

This vintage Aït Ouaouzguite carpet has an unusual combination of motifs and a double sided construction. Grey goat hair flat weave with pattern knotted in ivory, red, light blue, saffron yellow, and lavender wool. Representative of a landscape, motifs include a tent formation, central six-pointed star, horizontal bars, and a checkerboard symbolizing stones.

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Aït Ouaouzguite

A southern High Atlas tribe residing south of the city Ouarzazate. Carpets of this Zenaga tribe can vary from flat weave hanbel carpets to high pile bed weavings.

tribe.Aït Ouaouzguite
region.High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
circa.1980's - 1990's
dimensions.6'8" x 5'1" / 2.03m x 1.55m
pile height.Varies (flat weave with low to medium)
fringe length.5"
rug no.AO02
rug no.