Vintage Moroccan Aït Bou Ichaouen Carpet TS33

This smaller Aït bou Ichaouen carpet features numerous broken ladder motifs, with some clustered to form a single lozenge near the bottom. Side borders of a split ladder form, a deviation from the more typical sawtooth pattern, frame the composition. Knotted in a striking palette of vibrant pink, faded red, orange, grass green and dark charcoal on an ivory ground. Finished with flat weave bands at both ends. Woven in a combination of wool and mixed fibers.

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Aït Bou Ichaouen

Carpets of this tribe are also known as Talsint, the most remote of the Berber tribes, settled between the High Altas Range and close to the edge of the Sahara. This tribe and their work were undiscovered by the outside world until the mid 1990's. Baring this in mind, Talsint carpets are legendary for their vibrant colors and exotic patterns, perhaps due to the lack of an outside influence or the need for color in the monochromatic world of which they reside. Many of their motifs and techniques have not been found elsewhere in Morocco...these archaic designs reflect an older tradition of weaving history dating back thousands of years in Northern Africa.

tribe.Aït Bou Ichaouen
region.High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.7'6" x 3'6" / 2.28m x 1.06m
pile height.Medium
fringe length.None
condition.Very Good
rug no.TS33
rug no.