Vintage Moroccan *New Production Carpet NP08

A modern interpretation of traditional craft and design, this contemporary Moroccan carpet is a unique handwoven piece with a personality all its own. Constructed of all wool, each piece is one of a kind and available in the size noted.

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*New Production

Based on the traditional construction methods of the the Berber people, these new production examples are produced by expert weavers outside of Casablanca. While the patterns and motifs are more contemporary, the wool and feel are uniquely Moroccan.

tribe.*New Production
region.Middle Atlas Mountains, Morocco
dimensions.12'10" x 10'4" / 3.9m x 3.15m
pile height.Medium
fringe length.4" and 4"
rug no.NP08
rug no.Inquire below
Vintage Moroccan *New Production Carpet NP08